Sunday, April 5, 2009

Squash that idea!

So we've been trying the rice cereal for over a week and every attempt ends up the same....1 bite in and we have a screaming bloody murder Camryn. So I decided maybe she just didn't like the taste of the rice cereal and got some squash for her to try today. The pictures speak for themselves about how much better this went! She even took the spoon and tried to feed herself!

Yesterday we went and got her picture taken with the Easter Bunny...quite a differance from her 1st picture with Santa where she slept through the whole thing! But we still couldn't get a smile out of her.

She's also had a pretty nasty cough that was accompanied by a come and go fever so after the forth trip to the doctor in 8 days she was given breathing treatments. Not a big hit in Camryn's world but she seems to be doing a little better. Still a nasty cough but no fever since Wednesday.
And here is a random picture in a onesie we got not because we are into organic things but because we thought the saying underneath was funny!